Housing undergoes culture shift


By Rachael Glover

North campus residence halls will experience changes next year designed to better meet the needs of North Central students according to Andy Pettee, assistant director of residence life.

Seybert Hall is a 67-bed traditional-style dorm primarily occupied by sophomore students. Next year, Seybert will be the new home for the College Scholars’ honors students, currently housed in the Student Village.

“We think the building itself is designed better for students in terms of returning and first-year students,” said Pettee. “We were excited to welcome non-first year students to the option of living in an honors community, “ he added.

Proximity to academic resources was a consideration for moving the honors students to Seybert. “It’s closer to Dr. (Perry) Hamalis and the College Scholars program, it’s closer to the library, and so we thought those were neat options,” noted Pettee.

Dani Izac, area hall director for Kimmel and Seybert, said, “There’s a hope to have a stronger relationship between residence life and the honors program.”

Kimmel Hall, located adjacent to Seybert, is a 118-bed suite-style dorm featuring triple–occupancy rooms, each with a kitchenette and bathroom.

“I think that also historically there’s been a lot of athletes that end up there, like male athletes, in the sophomore status,” said Izac. Next year, some of the triple-occupancy rooms will be available for double occupancy.

Resident living staff was somewhat surprised at just how popular Kimmel doubles were during housing selection.

“This year was unique,” remarked Sarah Avery, assistant director of residence life, “At double selection, the Kimmel doubles went almost immediately, right after Naper Place.”

Pettee observed, “It’s a reasonable size as a triple, but it’s a pretty awesome double.”

Izac commented, “I think it did shift the culture a little bit.” More women will be moving into Kimmel. The makeup for next year is “not quite as athlete heavy,” she stated.

Twice per term the north campus RAs are encouraged to collaborate on a program for the community at large.

“In the warmer seasons we do a lot of outdoor programming with like barbeques or music and food,” said Izac “I think being tucked away in the corner provides a unique opportunity for students to really define it as their own community.”

Approximately 12 percent of resident students live on north campus. “There‘s a strong following of students who really enjoy living on the north side,” said Pettee.



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