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By Courtney Luther

Between going to class, interviewing for summer internships and socializing North Central College students have many makeup decisions on their hands. That is because each event calls for a completely different look.

Most North Central College students like to keep it clean and simple during the daytime. Senior Melissa Aponte recommends that students wear light makeup and suggests beauty balm, “BB cream is a light formula that is way better than foundation and makes you look like you don’t have any foundation on at all.”

She added that if you are looking for more coverage Bobbi Brown makeup is worst the price tag. “I love Bobbi Brown makeup it gives the best coverage but is not heavy on your face.”

For interviews, it is imperative to clean your look clean and polished. Junior Megan O’Neill describes her interview makeup, “I would do a more natural professional look with a little more on the eyes and a darker colored lipstick.”

Although most students like to keep their makeup minimal at class they really enjoy letting loose and expressing their personal style through their evening makeup. Junior Anna Kopsky gives this night out tip, “do a light color on your inside lid then do a dark color on the outside of your lid,” She added that there are a lot of great makeup tips available online.

Most college students are on a budget and you don’t need to spend a fortune to get a good result. Junior Anna Kopsky says that drugstores offer great products including her favorite makeup brand CoverGirl, “I love CoverGIRL, I didn’t realize until I looked at my makeup and saw all of it was.”

Most drug store brands offer similar quality products to department stores. Senior Melissa Aponte is a fan of both, saying, “I mix and match with drug store makeup with department store makeup.”

Another way to save money while investing in top notch quality is to buy dual purpose products. Sephora makeup artist Felicia Maldonado suggests, “if you were to go with one product I would recommend Nars multiple which you can wear on your cheeks, eyes and lips.” She adds that the most important piece of makeup that every girl should invest in is primer.  “Primers can help with oil control and give hydration at the same time.”

Makeup is a great way to conceal any breakouts or imperfections but Junior Megan O’Neill urges students to remember to take their makeup off at night, “as hard as it is wash off your makeup every night before bed or else you will get pimples or makeup all over your bed.”


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