Basketball wan’t always first for senior Kmiec


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Having been on the men’s basketball team for four years, senior shooting guard Vince Kmiec is no stranger to success. Kmiec is first all-time in the history of the North Central men’s basketball program with 173 steals and an 83 percent mark from the free throw line. Overall, the Cards may not have the had the season were hoping for after finishing the 2013-14 campaign with a record of 14-1, despite being ranked No. 6 in the preseason rankings. But Kmiec and the rest of the seniors have made it their mission to make the most out their last season together.

Q: When did Basketball first become a passion of yours? 

A: I was always more of a baseball guy, and figured that would always take me further. Probably around freshman year when I developed into more of a scorer so it became much more enjoyable.

Q: With you being a physical education major, do you plan to also be a basketball coach regardless of what level?

A: Yes that would be the end goal; hopefully coaching high school basketball and baseball.

Q. North Central’s education program is known for being very tough and time consuming. How do you manage to balance both athletics and schoolwork?

A. It’s not easy I’ll tell you that much. Especially with practices at noon each day. I have to be up at 6:45 a.m. each day for either class or to get practicum hours.

Q. How has the basketball program changed/evolved since you came in as a freshman?

A. Well, when we came in we had no expectations or respect really in the d3 hoops community. Throughout the years I think we have made this into a bit of a powerhouse in the Midwest region.

Q. What life lessons have you learned from basketball that will help you once you’re in the real world?

A. Perseverance, going through this program is no easy task. A lot is demanded of every athlete and to stick with it takes a lot if perseverance.

Q. What setbacks have you and the team had to face this year, and how have you guys gotten past them?

A. Obviously not doing what we needed to do to get into the conference tourney as well as make the national tourney hurts, but we all have had a good mindset and made sure to enjoy the season for what it was. For myself and the other seniors, this was our last go-around.



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