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Jessica Pacetti
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Although North Central College has made vast changes to several campus buildings such as Kaufman Dining Hall and Oesterle Library, not all the campus changes can visually be seen.

Career Development underwent some new and exciting changes. Some of the changes to the office include a new logo, a new website to help students with their career path and even three new Student Career Specialists.

“Our goal is to be engaging students to who they are and their path and for them to meet their career needs,” said Career Counselor Danielle Bank. “Our focus is you guys [students].”

One of the new features to Career Development is a site called Woofound. Woofound was introduced this year to this year’s FYE classes but it is open to every student. This site offers students a chance to take a five-minute quiz that is completely visual. Students are given the option of two pictures and between the two pictures, they must pick one that they believes fits them. For example, the images might be of a camping trip and a hotel room. The student must pick one that they see themselves partaking in or having an interest in. At the end of the quiz, Woofound tells the personality traits of the student, how to apply them in a career field and what fields work best with their interests based on the images they selected in the quiz.

Another new feature to Career Development is Cardinal Vision. This is not a website like Woofound, but is located at the Career Development office. Cardinal Vision is a duel-free technology that will help students build resumes and actively edit it. This tool allows for a staff member and students to view and work on a resume or screen page simultaneously while each having a separate keyboard and screen.

“It’s really and engagement tool to make for a more interactive process,” said Bank.

Career Development also introduced three new staff members; Meghan Pickett, Rachel Maher and Anne Dipert. They are the new Student Career Specialists who assist students with career questions and needs. Other responsibilities. They will be reaching out to the student more on campus through other forms of programming, and marketing. The organization will also have a big push towards working more with social media.

Career Development may have gotten new changes to their office, but they are still a resource for students to use for planning their futures.

“Career Development is a process. It’s not about meeting an end goal. It’s about the process of steps it takes to reach the goal,” said Bank. “It’s recognizing everyone has an individual approach to meet your [student]individual needs.”


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