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Corinne Wittig
Staff Writer

As a college student, it is hard not to find yourself in a rush on your way to class, practice, a meeting on campus, or, truthfully, anywhere. Therefore, students might often overlook the diverse art found all around North Central’s campus.

• Pots and Other Things is a collection of works by Thomas C. Goodell. This exhibit features a variety of paintings, pots, and other wall eccentric vases and décor. To check out the gallery, visit Oesterle Library Gallery (located on the second floor of The Oesterle Library).
• One very unique statue is placed near Benedetti-Wehrli Stadium; a giraffe wearing a Chippy mask and NCC’s very own cross country uniform. Although it seems as if this piece of artwork would stick out like a sore thumb, its distinctiveness is often overlooked amid the excitement of Cardinal athletics that surround it.
• Until September 28th, students have the opportunity to observe artwork created by the Pulitzer Prize winning artist, Dick Locher. In the gallery titled Dick Locher: A Hometown Artist, individuals can see many different styles of art. From comic strips to giant size paintings, there is something for any art fanatic. This collection is on display at Schoenherr Gallery in Wentz.
• Several couplets and two large dragon masks are displayed on the first floor of Oesterle Library to celebrate The Chinese New Year. Brian Hoffert, associate professor of religious studies and coordinator of East Asian studies translated the couplets; allowing students to not only appreciate the pieces of art but also learn more about the culture as well.


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