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Junior cross-country runner, Troy Kelleher, earned the Runner of the Week Award for the second week this season. The Runner of the Week Award is an objective look at the most competitive runner statistically. Kelleher has had two top ten finishes this season with a 1st place finish at Elmhurst College and a 6th place finish most recently at Illinois State University. I had the pleasure of discussing his recent accomplishments with him:

Q: How surprised were you to be awarded a second time?

A: I am not too surprised since the award is based upon objective standards. A lot of my teammates were close competitively. It is really just a reflection of the time I ran.

Q: How has your preparation been for this season been?

A: This summer I have been building my mileage, doing consistent workouts and riding the momentum from track and looking ahead to the national championship.

Q: Are there any added pressures or standards of achievements for future meets that could result from getting this award a second time?

A: Not really. The award is just another step along the way and it isn’t really about the award its about getting the team ready for the national championship.

Q: What would you tell freshmen who want to succeed as you have?

A: Believe in the program, believe in the coaches, believe in your mentors and look up to the varsity guys.

Troy is aiming for the national championships in November and says he wants success for the team as a whole.


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