Seven useful music apps


Haylie Berkland
Contributing Writer

Music lovers have a lot of things to keep up with: listening to new songs by their favorite bands, getting tour schedules and finding out who sings that awesome song they hear on the radio. They always like to be ‘in the know.’ Unfortunately, there’s so much good music out there that it can be overwhelming. To make it easier on these avid listeners, here’s a list of the seven free apps to keep tabs on all things music.

1) Shazam — Find out who plays all of the latest songs with a simple tap of the screen.

2) iHeartRadio– Free Streaming Music – Stream the radio any time, anywhere.

3) Soundcloud — Discover your favorite music: new and old.

4) Spotify Music – Start a music library organized by your favorite artists and genres.

5) Pandora Radio – Pick one of your favorite artists or genres and Pandora will set up a playlist of songs for you.

6) Alternative Press Magazine – Keep up-to-date with all of the latest news in the music industry.

7) Bandsintown Concerts – Get notified and get tickets when your favorite bands are gearing up to tour your area.


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