An app guide for 2015


Melanie Wolf
Contributing Writer

Nowadays, Apple’s trademark “there’s an app for that” motto has never been more relevant.  However, a glance at the App or Google Play Stores can certainly send anyone’s brain into orbit due to the overwhelming amount of apps to choose from. But, have no fear! Here are 7 free apps that are sure to satisfy everyone.


  1. “Cloth” is an iPhone app for managing your wardrobe. It lets users save and organize their favorite outfits in order to keep track of new looks. Once you have put together an outfit that you like, all you need to do is open the app and snap a picture of yourself, then the app will store the photo for you. You can also add notes and tag the photo to help you remember certain aspects of your outfit.  For even more convenience, “Cloth” categorizes each outfit by occasions, like “Everyday,” “Evening,” “Work,” etc. This makes it easier to find looks for any occasion that comes up.
  2. “House Account,” a fashion-focused personal shopping app for iPhones that connects you instantly to the sale teams in hundreds of independent boutiques across the U.S. “House Account” is a place where boutiques share their latest pieces in a shoppable yet personal way. Customers can shop whenever and wherever they are by simply logging into the app and perusing through their favorite boutiques’ uploaded images of in-stock items. You can also chat with a sales associate in that particular store.  “House Account” makes updating your wardrobe easy while creating a personalized shopping experience.


  1. “Word Crack,” an addictive free game developed by Etermax allows you to challenge your vocabulary skills against your friends. The goal of the game is to form as many words as you can by dragging letters on the board upwards, downwards, diagonally, etc. Users can earn or buy coins to spend on bonus features called “PowerUps” for extra play and/or points. “Word Crack” consists of three 2-minute rounds.  While you play against available opponents, your upcoming rounds will be posted on your screen.  You can accumulate a large number of rounds and play whenever it is convenient for you.  With “Word Crack,” it is up to the user to decide when and how long they want to play.
  2. “Heads Up!” is a free iPhone and iPad game that is based off of the popular board game “Headbandz.” If you are looking for a game that will engage all of your friends instead of playing on your device by yourself then “Heads Up!” is the game for you! All you have to do is start up the app, stick the phone above your forehead, and then try to guess what you are by using the hints that your friends provide.  “Heads Up!” is a great game for all ages and offers many different topics to select from.


  1. “Zomato”, a free app available on Apple and Android devices, allows users to search for and discover new restaurants. The app offers updated restaurant menus, contact details, pictures and user reviews to help you decide where you want to eat. “Zomato” also identifies your location and offers a choice of restaurants in the area as well.  With a simple layout that is easy to navigate, “Zomato” will help you find the perfect restaurant.
  2. “Eat24” is a free app that allows you to browse restaurants nearby and order your favorite dishes instantly. Once you have downloaded the app, you can easily add an address or allow “Eat24” to auto detect your location. This way, you can explore all types of restaurants while checking out which restaurants are close to you.  If you have a certain dish or restaurant in mind, search for it.  After choosing all the dishes you want, simply select the type of order you want (delivery or take out) and place it.  And if anything goes wrong or if you any questions, “Eat24” offers a 24 live chat and order status.

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