Seven gotta-have apps for the news junkie


In an ever-changing and connected world, today’s iPhone users and news consumers have no reason not to tailor their news intake to what is truly important in the world and to them as individuals.

These seven apps will take their users from traditional news feeds to the lesser known and more obscure, from breaking news and current events to sports, entertainment, and more. These must-have apps have content for everyone from fans of short form, readers on the go, to complete articles, to video content for those who don’t like to read.

In order for iPhone users to personalize their news intake for a more satisfying and comprehensive experience these are the essential apps to have. All apps on this list can be found in the iTunes app store free of charge.

  • VICE News: They report on international news stories and send their reporters around the world to put a light on lesser reported stories and issues.
  • Watchup: For those who prefer their news in video form Watchup allows users to personalize their viewing experience from a number of newscasts at the local, national, and international levels.
  • Circa: Circa News is perfect for the news consumer that just doesn’t want to read or have the time to read long form articles. Circa News is condensed and to the point, just the facts you need without the fluff.
  • Longform: Allows users to filter the clutter of the internet in order to find the content they want to read. Users can follow specific writers and publications and receive alerts whenever new content is released.
  • Breaking News: The people at Breaking News do the best job of monitoring social media platforms to you bring you the latest news in the world, on topics that matter to you, and stories that are happening near you.
  • Feedly: Gives users access to a multitude of different websites, new sources, and platforms. It enables users to personalize the Feedly to bring them the content they want on a seemingly endless array of topics and is specifically designed for the iPhone and iPad.
  • News Republic: News Republic is another fantastic app that allows for amazing personalization for its users. They mine the web to give users great content on everything from world news to technology to entertainment and even sports.

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