$6,154 for one game – is it worth it?


The last time the Chicago Cubs made it to the World Series was in 1945, the last time they won it was 1908. Almost every living Cubs fan has waited their entire lives for this moment; the Cubs having a chance to once again be the Major League Baseball champions.

Right now, the average price for a ticket to one World Series game is $6,154, according to Forbes.com. The average length of an MLB game is three hours, so that breaks it down to roughly $35 per minute.

If someone wanted to go to the whole series (a minimum of four games), that person would have to cough up $24,616, which would cover a full year of tuition for many students at North Central College.

That being said, many college students drain their bank accounts for school and, in turn, are broke. “(World Series tickets) are too expensive, college students can’t afford that! Are you kidding me?” said Tyler Haizel.

Many students agree that if they had an extra $6,000 on hand, they would use it to pay for college.

But some would choose to go to the World Series if they could afford to. “If I had $6,000 in my bank account, I would go,” said Natalie Stefka.

While we’re on the topic of not being able to afford to have fun, here are some other things you could do with $6,154:

  • You and a friend could spend three weeks at Walt Disney World
  • Buy 475 giant cold sub sandwiches from Jersey Mike’s
  • You and a friend could go on three five-night trips to Rome
  • Buy a used 2005 Honda Civic
  • Adopt up to six tiger cubs

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