Predicting Trump’s government: what’s to come


President Donald Trump so far has been unpredictable, however the Cabinet Trump picks might be more predictable in its actions. There are some themes among the Cabinet picks, including supporting turning over federal land to the states, voting in favor of the Dakota Access Pipeline, and most prominently, a disbelief in climate change.

Professor William Muck, associate professor of political science, shared his opinion. “There is going to be a dramatic shift between the Obama and Trump administrations, in terms of policy and in terms of ambition. The Cabinet reflects the campaign that Trump ran on,” said Muck.

One area of particular interest to Muck is foreign policy, and how the interests of Trump’s Cabinet differs from that of his campaign.

In a conservative government, in general, it is expected that there will be a shift of power from the federal to state level.

What will be interesting is “how the ideas that were expressed during the campaign will translate into actual policy,” said Muck.

For example, Republicans now own the issue of health care, after an easy eight years of laying the blame on the Obama administration.

Trump wants to run the government like a business, and already proposed changes are calling for dramatic budget cuts which would include eliminating the National Endowment for the Arts and the National Endowment for the Humanities, according to Energy, justice, and state budgets are also reported to receive large cuts in the proposal.

It’s only Trump’s first week on the job, but keep in mind that the policies and initiatives put in place will set the tone for the nation.


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