A few ‘alternative facts’ about NCC


The following “story” requires no introduction … mostly because we didn’t want to write one … especially due to #9.

  1. North Central has the best food in all of Naperville. Period.
  2. No North Central College organizations compete for budget increases. North Central has the largest budget for clubs and activities. You’ve never seen a larger budget.
  3. The parking crisis was completely solved with the recent addition of a new lot behind the WONC radio station.
  4. Having no air conditioners in the freshmen dorms absolutely prevents the Freshman 15.
  5. Intramural basketball has the most lenient rules of all North Central College sports.
  6. President Troy Hammond eats spaghetti with no sauce.
  7. “Tuition decrease” is a phrase North Central College students absolutely have a¬†chance of hearing.
  8. More than 1.5 million students attended Springfest last year. They were all sober. (Just look at the pictures.)
  9. The Chronicle is fake news.

*Feel free — no pressure, really — to comment with your best alt-fact about NCC. If we can’t verify your alt-fact we’ll definitely publish it.


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Bob Tomaszewski is the Forum Editor for the Chronicle/NCClinked.


  1. Seager Hall is the cleanest dorm at the entire school
    Chicken from the Cage will always be 100% cooked. no exceptions.
    90% of the school voted for trump
    Wentz hall was funded and built by Pete Wentz, Back up singer of Fall Out Boy

  2. New Hall is actually named after Walter New, an NCC student who went on to construct the world’s first hotel in space.

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