Kellyanne Conway: Trump’s loyal puppet


For those unaware of who Kellyanne Conway is, allow me to introduce you. Conway was President Donald Trump’s senior adviser and later, campaign manager. As of December, she was appointed as counselor to the president. She is also infamous for her cringe-worthy fashion sense or, rather, lack thereof.

However, I am not going to spend this whole article bashing the woman, because Conway does have some admirable characteristics. For example, she was the first woman to successfully run a presidential campaign. She holds a powerful job that not many women can say they hold. I respect her position as being the direct spokeswoman for someone like Donald Trump.

Over the course of the election and beyond, Conway has had to deal with a lot of heavy issues such as race, Cabinet officials, etc. Though, maybe Conway should have spent some time cleaning up Trump’s Twitter as well. Her job is certainly not easy and she does take a lot of heat.

Sure, her style is borderline offensive, but maybe she’s not as bad as we presume her to be. Let’s think critically here: she’s merely Trump’s puppet. Part of her job is to make Trump look good, and so she does.

We can all agree we have had jobs in which we had to perform duties we were not too happy with. Despite our annoyance, we still did said duties. Conway is doing her job. It is not her fault that Donald Trump has absolutely no filter when he speaks.

The problem I have with Conway is that she defends Trump a little too much. Meaning some of the offensive things Trump has said should not have been buried or condoned. Trump is not a subtle man, but Conway tries to make us believe he’s saying what is coming from his heart, which is a bit frightening.

I do not want to judge her too much because as I said before, she does not have an easy job. Imagine being in her position; really contemplate what those duties would include. The woman is only doing her job and we can’t blame her too much for that. We shall see what the future holds for Conway in her newest position.


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