Lady Gaga’s halftime show unites America


I will admit that I did not watch the whole Super Bowl. To be honest, I only recently found out who was in it. However, I did make a point to watch the halftime show. As a journalism major, I support every aspect of the arts. This was no different.

I have never been a big fan of Lady Gaga. Sure, there were some songs of hers that I would listen to, but I always thought she was too out there. As she began her halftime show, I realized that I judged her for her outrageousness but, her message of unity was powerful and I was left speechless.

Everything is so broken these days. Parties are divided, people are cruel and the world may feel like it’s crumbling for some people. When Lady Gaga started her halftime show with “God Bless America,” a sense of hope filled me. Hope that maybe people will start coming together and make America a place we’re proud to call home. Lady Gaga managed to get the world to really think about our privilege of living in a country like America.

Over the past few months, all I have heard about has been politics; while extremely important, it just fills me with dread. A lot of users on social media were worried Lady Gaga’s performance would be pushing a political agenda. Much to my surprise, she did the exact opposite: she united the world, even for just 15 minutes.

Through her performance, she radiated patriotism for our country.

She didn’t make it into a political agenda to bash the president. Instead, she chose to welcome unity. After her dedication to our country, she began to sing some of her more popular hits, such as “Born This Way,” “Just Dance,” “Bad Romance,” etc.

Gaga exuded class. She didn’t need any outrageous costumes or sets to entertain. She entertained by her energy and love for our country. For that, I respect her immensely. I think everyone needs to take Lady Gaga’s lead.

Sure, it’s a scary world out there right now, but we need to come together to overcome that. We can’t keep polarizing, otherwise nothing will be accomplished. Choose to unite. Choose to come together to make the United States a country we all can be proud to call our home.

The thing I admire most about Lady Gaga is that she’s unique in her own way. Sure, I would frequently cringe at some things she has done in the past: however, her message during the Super Bowl is something I admire. Let’s put the hate aside and unite as a nation.

Thank you, Lady Gaga for bringing our country together in the most elegant, entertaining way.


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