‘Finstas’ are not so fake


Instagram: the social media platform to showcase the picture-perfect life. Or is it? A new revolution of “finstagrams,” or fake Instagram accounts have surfaced, and are suddenly clouding people’s on point” IG feeds with silly, real-life pictures and videos.

Some of you many ask, what exactly is the purpose of a finstagram?

Usually created by teens and twentysomethings, a finsta breaks down the facade people may put up on their real accounts. Real photos are posted whether they are embarrassing, funny or a mixture of both. These photos or videos are posted for only a select amount of friends to see. It is categorized as a new trend of self-expression that consists of a more down-to-earth and humorous way to show one’s true self.

Recently more and more finstagrams have popped up. Sophomore Thomas Varela described the purpose of a finsta as “An online diary for me to update friends on any funny stories happening in my life.”

In addition, junior Jordan DePhillips said, “I like finstas because they alleviate the pressure of having to always look put together. It is an outlet to share some of the messier parts of my life with a smaller, more selective group of people I trust.”

It is clear that finstagrams serve as a platform to show a more intimate and genuine depiction of a person’s life.

So while we mindlessly scroll through idealized images of photos with perfect angles and filters, remember there are real, unedited pictures of people’s true lives hidden in our feeds.


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