‘Style’ is just one factor in men’s fashion choices


A finely groomed gentleman, dressed in nothing but the best, is the desired style in the eyes of women. In the eyes of a man, style is about impressing others and having the confidence of self-expression.

In order to impress with style, a good outfit is key. Matching and pairing clothes together is the meat to the cheeseburger of a successful outfit. Fashionable accessories are the cheese and the buns that tie the whole fabrication (sandwich) together.

Photo by Brad Thompson

Photo by Brad Thompson

Everything starts from the ground up, including a worthy outfit. Men’s shoes and boots don’t nearly get the attention that high heels receive but are just as essential.

Whether it’s a tall Timberland boot, a smooth pair of Converse, or just a basic athletic shoe, every outfit has its pair. Garret Lyle, ’19, said, “I rock Adidas UltraBoost because they are a solid black that matches a lot of different outfits.”

Probably the most noticeable accessory of men’s fashion is the watch. Some men prefer sleek and smooth, while others favor loud and flashy. Regardless, a nice watch can heighten any outfit.

Jimmy Bright, ’19 said, “I have about five different bands for my Apple Watch and I switch them up depending on my outfit.”  While combining technology and fashion can be tricky, different colors of bands is a common and reasonable solution.

“If I wear a gold chain with a collared shirt, I’ll match that with a crisp gold watch. I will also wear a black watch if the outfit also has black involved. I stick to the Michael Kors brand because it was my first watch I owned and I loved it, so I have kept going with them ever since,” said Jacob Walls, ’19.

While different types of watches and shoes are fairly common accessories, piercings are an alternative fixture, which can provide a fresh, modern look to anyone. With so many options between colors and styles, there is a right earring for any occasion.

“I have about 30 pairs of earrings in order to match any outfit. If my shirt has a complementary black in it, I prefer to go with black earrings. For more formal occasions or with bright colored shirts, I prefer to wear diamond studs” said Bright.

From boots to flip-flops or from studs to hoop earrings, every accessory can be tailored to an individual’s taste. Whether flashy and bold is the intended look, or contemporary and suave, an outfit starts with the clothing but is perfected with accessories.


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