Mic Drop: Cassidy Campbell


This week’s Mic Drop features Cassidy Campbell, a senior majoring in vocal performance/music. Campbell has been part of several student showcases at The Union and recently performed at this year’s Gospel Extravaganza.

Before you tune in, here are a few things you should know about her music career.

Stella Fanega: When did you start singing?

Photo by Stella Fanega

Cassidy Campbell: I started singing regularly when I was 5. When I was a baby, my mom said I would always be humming so when I was 5, she decided I should see what I could do in voice lessons so she signed me up.

SF: Who inspires you to pursue your dreams?

CC: I have many inspirations to pursue my dreams. For one, my amazing best friends are always encouraging me to do just that, along with my HS Choir Director of the Creative and Performing Arts Program, Beth. She has become a mentor and friends that I think of as family. These people are always there when I need reassurance or inspiration.

SF:  Singers oftentimes say that writing music gives them the opportunity to express their feelings, what does writing music do for you?

CC: Writing lyrics is so relieving for me. I will write down a poem or a big chunk of what I’m feeling and it feels so good. However, when I turn it into a song, I get very picky with the music! That aspect is a process but the initial writing is definitely a relieving outlet.

SF: What is your goal after graduation?

CC: My goal after graduation is to get my original music recorded and to share it with the world on media and performing it live. Besides building my music career, I also plan to pursue a career in the music industry. Right now I do booking for The Union here on campus and I love it, so I’m hoping to work in a venue or in a studio where I can connect with artists in live settings and make other’s dreams come true too!

SF: If you were to give advice to a freshman majoring in music, what would you tell him/her?

CC: If I were to give advice to a freshman who is a music major, I would tell them that passion is the key, always.


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