Keeping his promise: Trump’s first weeks in office


When Donald Trump was first elected to the White House, a wave of uncertainty swept across the nation as many held their breath to see what the businessman-turned-celebrity-turned-politician would try to achieve once in office.

Back on the campaign trail, Trump made a habit of employing strong rhetoric when discussing matters like immigration and trade; but as past events like George H.W. Bush famously declaring, “read my lips: no new taxes,” only to go back on that promise a few short years later shows things said while campaigning don’t necessarily translate into actions.

But for Trump, who’s not only laid out his goals for the first 100 days of his presidency, but already begun to take action through executive orders, it seems he’s going to try and fulfill many of his campaign promises.

So far, President Trump has issued several executive orders aimed at immigration, pipelines, reproductive rights and trade agreements. Most it seems have a collective theme of undermining, or perhaps reversing, the legacy of former-president Obama.

Women’s reproductive rights

In a move that probably signals Trump’s ambitions at home, the president reinstated the Reagan-era Mexico City Policy, or a global gag rule. This prevents federal funds from going to non-governmental organizations that perform or even promote abortions. Obama rescinded the policy early in his first term.

The wall and immigration

Long a staple of his campaign, the president has prepared to take the initial steps towards building a wall on the southern border. Trump is also seeking to increase the number of deportations and has advocated for boosting the number of border patrol officials and ending sanctuary cities. The president is also expected to place at least a month-long ban on Middle Eastern refugees entering the country.

Affordable Care Act

Perhaps Obama’s most ambitious undertaking while in office—and a longtime target of congressional Republicans. Trump has continued their efforts to dismantle the law. His first executive order directed his administration to take the necessary steps to repeal and replace the act.

Trans-Pacific Partnership

Long an opponent of trade deals he perceives as hurting Americans at home, Trump has begun to follow through on his ‘America first’ promise, effectively abandoning the Trans-Pacific Partnership which was negotiated by Obama, but was still waiting for congressional approval.

Oil pipelines

While environmentalists scored victories during the Obama administration, Trump has already signaled a harsh change of pace. In prioritizing the climate, Obama rejected the Keystone XL oil pipeline, while Native Americans protested another pipeline in North Dakota due to concerns over its proximity to a reservation. Trump has cleared the way for these projects to continue, while laying down the groundwork to dismantle other environmental regulations.

What’s next?

Trump has nominated Neil Gorsuch to fill the vacancy left by Justice Scalia, who passed away nearly a year ago.


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