Fashion, beauty and health: what’s in for 2017



Out: Off-the-shoulder tops

In: Cold shoulder tops

Keep those off-the-shoulder tops in your summer clothes box because its chic sister, the cold shoulder top, is here to stay this year. With the focus still on showing those shoulders, the cold shoulder top is wearable even now when it’s still below freezing. Just be sure to wear a (very popular) puffer jacket on top while you run to class!

Out: Boring earrings

In: Statement earrings

2017 is all about making a statement, and the easiest way to do this is with accessories. Whether it be something big and shiny or bright and bold, a statement earring is the way to go when deciding how to bring your look to the next level.

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Out: Black

In: Neon

If you love the color black, you’re going to hate this one. The ‘80s have come back to fashion with its bold color palette of neon. Yet another way to make a statement this year, either through a full-on neon look or a blindingly bright top you mix with the rest of your all-black wardrobe.

Out: Crop tops

In: Bustiers

Caution: only for the stylistically brave. Trust that you will turn heads when you switch out your overworn crop top for a bustier layered over a thin T-shirt. It’s the best way to be a bit more risqué without the self-consciousness that can come from wearing that crop top out on the town.

And some items that are still in: statement sleeves, robes for daytime wear and anything pink. Make a statement in any way you can.


Out: Strobing

In: Draping

Highlighting is taking on yet another form in 2017, this time in the form of draping. Instead of trying to chisel out your cheeks with a contour powder, a defined face can be achieved with some strategically placed blush and highlighter. Say hello to an extra 10 minutes in your morning routine.

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Out: Basic liner

In: Bright colors

Kiss your black cat eye goodbye, especially once spring hits. Switch it out with a bright liner instead to make a statement with your eyes and switch up a basic look.

Out: Makeup for girls only

In:  Boys rocking some lipstick

Who said makeup was only for girls? Luckily our society is starting to catch up to reality and boys are more comfortable sharing their #skills. This is so in for 2017 that CoverGirl chose a boy to star in their newest campaign.

Out: Contouring, liner, falsies for every day

In: No makeup makeup

This trend goes in and out of style, but it’s here to stay in 2017. With a total refresh happening in most of our lives after a crazy 2016, it’s time to put down that full coverage foundation and make a light concealer and some awesome mascara your new BFF.

And some trends that are still in: bold brows and natural locks. It’s all about being real this year.


Out: Juice cleansing

In: Soup cleansing

Forget about juicing if you want to go on a cleanse. One of the biggest problems with juice cleanses is that you miss a lot of essential nutrients. With a soup cleanse, you’re able to pack a lot of nutrients into one bowl and still see weight loss results.

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Out: Quinoa

In: Teff

The new super grain, teff, is here to kick quinoa out of its hailed position of the healthiest of all grains. Teff is packed with protein and is even gluten-free making it the new thing to add to your meals. While it does come up short in some areas to quinoa (less omega-3s and more carbs), it’s ultimately a better choice as a main grain in meals.

Out: Crunches and planks

In: Alternative ab exercises

Who even likes planks anymore? 2017 is all about alternative exercise, and one of the best ways to work your abs is actually with weight lifting. Next time you hit the gym, try adding some deadlifts or some windmills to your routine to get abs that are ready for spring break.

Out: Hot showers

In: Cold showers

While a hot shower may feel especially good this time of year, turning down the temperature has some health benefits. While you may freeze a little, you’ll come out of the shower with better circulation, shinier hair, and some extra energy for your day.

Out: Cardio only

In: Yoga

While running and lifting are great ways to lose weight, adding some deep stretching or yoga to your routine can help with recovery. Taking time to stretch after a workout also helps with mental recovery, something all college students desperately need after a long week of classes.


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