Bannon and Priebus become ‘Bannus’ at CPAC


Bannon and Priebus shared an intimate moment at the Conservative Political Action Conference. Bannon lovingly put his hand on Priebus’ inner thigh. Priebus, however, just wasn’t ready to take their relationship to that next level publicly and shyly swatted his hand away.

Ladies and gentlemen “Bannus” could be the sequel to the “Obiden” bromance. During the CPAC conference, the couple talked about how they share an office and spend 12 hours a day together at work. One can just imagine how lonely it must be during those long hours at the White House when their only company besides each other is pictures of past presidents peering down at them. Oh, what those eyes must have seen.  Imagine the opportunity for late-night gossip sessions.

We have yet to see the same level of bromance between President Donald Trump and President Vladimir Putin, Steve Miller and Sean Spicer or between Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan.

The Obiden friendship might be the one part of former President Obama’s legacy that is truly everlasting although there is plenty of time for the Republicans to get to know each other.

Madeline Klepec contributed to this article



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