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This week’s Mic Drop features the acapella group called Sonata Problem. Before they hit the stage tonight, let’s get to know them a little better.

Stella Fanega: Who started Sonata Problem and why did that person start this group?

Sonata Problem: Five years ago, Mark Miller, Sean Markham and Eve Bowen started the group in Geiger because there were no extracurricular music groups offered at NCC and they wanted to be more musically involved.

SF: How many members are usually part of Sonata Problem? 

SP: Normally there are 16 members, around four people per part.

Photo courtesy of NCC Marketing and Communications Department

SF: If a student wants to be part of Sonata Problem, how does the process work?

SP: Auditions are Week One of fall term each year. Anyone can audition, both music and non-music majors, and all you have to do is show up with 30 seconds (or a verse and a chorus) of a pop song of your choice that showcases your voice. Additionally, usually, we ask them to sing with the members that are already in the group to test for blend by having them sight read a piece of our repertoire.

SF: You guys recently competed at a competition. How was the experience?

SP: Our first competition was amazing. We went in not really knowing what to expect but were so happy with what we got out of the competition. We performed better as a group than we ever had and although we didn’t place, the goals that we set for ourselves both individually and as a group were met in leaps and bounds. It was an awesome experience and we are so so so excited to do it again.

SF: Where do you guys usually perform and how many times a term?

SP: We perform at various events on campus such as TEDx, the Union, outside events such as fundraisers and at Feed the Need every year, as well as our own concert at the end of spring term

SF: What are some goals that you guys have as a team?

SP: One of our main goals is to continue to grow as a group and perform more, learn more and challenge ourselves continually.

Catch Sonata Problem on Mic Drop at 8 p.m. on Thursday on The Chronicle/NCClinked Facebook.


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