Artist of the week: Deidre Ewers


This week’s featured artist is Deidre Ewers, a senior who created a gallery called “More to Me.” In addition, the gallery is in collaboration with other students’ art works. The exhibition is now available for viewing and will last until March 26 in Meiley-Swallow.

Vicky Jordan: What is your project about?

Deidre Ewers: It is actually a collaborative art gallery titled “More to Me” with two other students. The other two are doing 2D and 3D art while I am doing photography. I have two photo projects that are in there: the first being from my trip to Greece and Italy and the second titled “I am more than…”

VJ: Who was your inspiration for this project?

DE: My inspiration for my Greece and Italy project was the economy when I studied abroad there in December 2016. My inspiration for the “I am more than…” gallery was that not everything is what it seems to be, including students here at NCC.

VJ: How long did it take you to gather photos for this project?

DE: It only took me the two weeks that I was studying abroad to get the pictures from Greece and Italy. But it took me even longer to choose which ones best represent the economy of the country.

VJ: What is your history with photography?

DE: I started photography when I was a sophomore in high school then I became more active with graphic design. Now that I am in college, I spend time photographing as more of an escape from school work rather than seeing it as work itself.

VJ: What do you like most about photography?

DE: Through photography you can see things from a different perspective, but sometimes it just makes more sense to live life rather than documenting it.


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