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Dress codes have always been a prominent issue within school, workplaces and areas of formality and professionalism. However, United Airlines has been under fire lately for banning two young girls because they were wearing leggings on their flight. The airline offers free or discounted flights to friends and family of employees, but they expect those on the flights to represent their company. Leggings not included.

I can see both sides of the story.

“The policy is clear — if you want to fly as a pass traveler, then no ‘form fitting lycra/spandex tops, pants and dresses’,” states Katherine Timpf of the National Review. United Airlines has a handbook in which clearly states the type of attire required of passengers using the discounts or free flights. It is explicitly stated in their handbook that leggings are not proper attire. Therefore, it was in United Airlines’ rights to refuse the girls passage onto the flight.
Do I necessarily agree with the airline kicking them off? No, but there are rules set in place for a reason. It would be like if I had dressed in crop tops in high school when I knew it was not allowed. Sometimes there are rules that are meant to be broken, but if the airline is trying to exemplify a specific clientele, then it is important to honor their rules.
On the other hand, I think United Airlines kicking them off the flight for wearing leggings is ridiculous. I can see issuing a warning, but declining them passage is a bit extreme. I wear leggings a majority of the time, and I would be appalled if I was asked to leave class, for example, because of it.  I get wanting to be comfortable on a long flight. Although I have never been on a plane yet, I know when I board one this summer I will be wearing leggings. I don’t want to have to worry about being banned from boarding because of my dress attire. I should be able to wear what I will be comfortable in.
The banning of the young girls wearing leggings became a hot topic on Twitter. Shannon Watts, an anti-gun activist stated, “the policy was sexist and risked “sexualising” young girls.” Leggings are a part of a lot of girl’s outfits, and banning them aboard a plane seems a bit extreme. Image is very important in the formative years, and I can’t imagine what the young girls were thinking when they were told they were not dressed appropriately.
I was in a very familiar situation in high school when I was told I was dressed “inappropriately” and was told to change my clothes. I had been wearing leggings with a long swearer and boots that my grandma had given me. I thought it was unfair and embarrassing because I saw guys wearing attire that did not fall under school dress code. It is true, some dress codes have become extremely sexist.
Though I see both sides of the issue, it is not like the little girls were wearing garbage bags as a dress. Leggings can be worn in a formal way as well. In fact, leggings can be worn for every occasion depending how you dress them up. High school dress codes are becoming more extreme with each passing year and it is not giving girls or women their freedom in fashion.

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