Spring trends you can actually wear


So let’s just be honest and say that ready-to-wear runway shows are hardly ready to wear. With crazy clothing items, outlandish styling and hair and makeup that resembles a week spent partying, it is almost impossible to imagine yourself wearing anything that come down those catwalks. But runway looks, while typically unwearable in daily life, can showcase the biggest trends of each season, trends that are wearable.

Think pink


Pink is going to be the biggest color of the season. It was already spotted on the biggest street style stars prior to the season and then was repeated on countless runways. The most popular shade of pink resembles cotton candy, but you can also choose lighter or darker shades depending on your preference. While pink-on-pink-on-pink was the look of the ready-to-wear shows, you can easily be on-trend by grabbing an off-the-shoulder top in the girly shade or making a small statement with some flamingo-colored kicks.




Seeing stripes

Banana Republic

Some people say that stripes are hardly flattering on anyone, but I say they can be done, and they were done and done again during the spring shows. From striped suiting to simple tops, there’s a stripe out there for everyone. Just remember that vertical and thin stripes tend to be more slimming if that’s the effect you’re going for, but there’s nothing wrong with rocking huge horizontal stripes if that’s what you’re in to. For a statement-making look this spring, stripes are a no-brainer.




Graphic content

Christian Dior

This next one is easy: graphic T-shirts/tops. I’m sure that most people already own this common item, so just add some jeans and a trendy jacket and there’s your look. Or you could be a trendsetter and add a fun skirt and some heels to the look. No matter how you style it, a graphic T-shirt with a strong message such as “We Should All Be Feminists” or “100% Human” is an easy way to join the fashion crowd this spring.




Florals? For spring?

Michael Kors Collection

I can’t get through a post about spring fashion without quoting Miranda Priestly: “Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking.” But florals for spring don’t have to be lame. Try literally mixing it up by mixing different floral prints or be bold with a larger print. Picking a less spring-like color scheme can also help differentiate you from the garden party-ready crowd. Florals will be around every spring, so it’s OK to grab a classic piece that can be worn year after year.






As for accessories, mixing jewelry is a huge trend this season, especially with earrings. Fast fashions stores like Zara, Forever 21 and H&M already sell pre-mixed earrings, but you can also DIY this look by grabbing a couple of random earrings from your jewelry stash. If you’re hesitant to try this trend, try a statement earring with one that’s more minimal. But if you’re bold when it comes to fashion, try two different statement earrings for an on-trend look.




So trends are wild on the runway, but they can still be applicable in real life. The most important thing about trends is making them your own, although trends don’t make or break an outfit. The classics can be just as good as the seasonal fads.


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