A Q&A with artists Kirsten Kleman and Ellen Gburek


Editor’s note: This story was reported on and written by students visiting from A. Vito Martinez Middle School in Romeoville, Ill. 

Kirsten Kleman and Ellen Gburek are studying studio art at North Central College. They both started making pottery when they were young, around high school age. They are both currently working on art projects for the senior art show.

Faith Noel Jones and Amanda Hernandez: What inspires you?

Photo by Amanda Hernandez

Kirsten Kleman: ‘’What inspires me is organic stuff like plants.’’

Ellen Gburek: “What inspires me is the world around me.”

FNJ and AH: What’s your favorite thing about pottery?

KK: ‘’My favorite thing is you can do lots of things with it and there are many possibilities.

EG: “My favorite thing is getting to be around other artists.”

FNJ and AH: What are you working on right now?

Gburek working on her current piece.

KK: ‘’I am working on a series project with bubbly vases.’’

EG: “I am working on mugs that I am going to paint with China paint.”

As their senior years are ending, Kleman and Gburek have their art shows and sale to look forward to. They are both excited about their upcoming final projects. North Central has inspired them as artists and they are excited to graduate.

Story by A. Vito Martinez Middle School students Amanda Hernandez and Faith Noel Jones.


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