Artist of the week: Ross McWethy


Ross McWethy is a junior majoring in business marketing and management. He’s involved in the arts all over campus, as well as being a member of mock trial and a current RA. McWethy also prides himself on being a volunteer volleyball coach in the community and for having four tattoos that each hold a special place in his heart.

Kelsey Weivoda: When did you first get involved with the arts?

Ross McWethy: My first year of junior high, that’s when I first started in the arts. My sister who plays the same instrument as me is now a music education major and works at an elementary school and she started in the arts about two years before me so that’s kind of how I got introduced to it all and wanted to try it all in the first place. My sister started my interest in the arts; she and I are very close so I followed a lot in her footsteps.

KW: What groups and ensembles are you involved in on campus and which is your favorite?

RM: I’m in marching band, Concert Winds, pep band, winter and spring guard, and Cardinal Dance Company. I will be doing color guard for marching band this year, which is exciting. My favorite probably is guard, with my mace. It’s my baby and I love it to death. Ever since I picked it up, I never wanted to stop spinning it. It’s one of my favorite things to do; I have so many scars from dropping it about a billion times but its by far my favorite thing to do, I mean I love playing my euphonium, but guard will always have a special place in my heart.

KW: Did you ever consider pursuing a future career in the arts?

RM: I did for a brief time consider it, but I knew ever since like the age of eight that I wanted to go into law because I was passionate about it. I could consider it strongly, like if ever there was a case where I failed my LSATS or something, I would definitely consider a possibility of going into music. It’s always something that I could come back to, but definitely it’s something that I’ve strongly considered.

KW: What motivated you to stay involved in the arts in college?

RM: At the beginning it was definitely because of the scholarships because I wasn’t sure if I was going to have the time for the arts because I knew I wanted to be involved in a lot of different things on campus. But after that it really wasn’t about the money; I didn’t ask for a raise in the scholarships or anything like that. It didn’t become about the money, it became about the community, the people and the connection that I had with Dr. Van Oyen and the fact that he believed in me every step of the way. Yes, it wasn’t my major, but it was still something I was very passionate about. Music was there for me during a really hard point in my life; it helped me hold on and keep myself together.

KW: Do you have any performances coming up?

RM: There’s a lot coming up. We have a Cardinal Dance Company performance on Sunday, May 28, a Concert Winds concert on May 23, and the spring guard recital on May 27.


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