Men’s lacrosse players share memories


A few players on the men’s lacrosse team shared some of their favorite memories from playing lacrosse throughout their lives:

Photo courtesy of Tommy Huizinga

“When I was a senior for my travel team, New Wave Lacrosse, we made it to the championship in Florida, and we ended up winning in overtime. The game felt like it lasted 24 hours. After the game, I was more shocked than anything. Just the shock that the game was over and the fact that we won was surreal. It was the first big tournament we won; I never had an experience like that before.” – Tommy Huizinga (’20)

Photo courtesy of Tanner James

“Senior year of (of high school), we won our division state championship. We lost it the year before that, and got another shot at it my senior year. It was the biggest rush of adrenaline ever. It was in overtime and it was pouring rain. I rode on that high for a week.” – Tanner James (’19)

Photo courtesy of Danny Boyle


“It’s got to be a culmination of all the travel experiences I’ve had playing club lacrosse in high school. We’ve gotten to travel to California, Florida, Colorado; a lot of places. Getting those opportunities was a lot of fun, and doing it through lacrosse made it that much more enjoyable.” – Danny Boyle (’19)

“This year when we were playing Carthage, the energy was incredible. We ended up losing that game but we felt like we could do anything that day. We held them close during that game, and they’re a high seed in our conference. We fell apart in the fourth, but prior to that everyone was pulling their weight and playing well. I’ve never been on the field with that happening before. It was special to do that as a first-year team, and it showed how far we have come.” – Steven Dale (’20)


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