Millennials under perspective


Young individuals constantly question traditional ways to seek new and innovative changes to our ever-evolving culture. In the world we live in, our elders are taught to raise the next generation by sharing their wisdom and to provide expertise of life experiences.

The times have changed as millennials have entered the workforce and are working their way up to a higher status in society. Instead of limiting the questions asked by millennials, the older generation should accept and welcome a shift to civilization.

North Central College student McLean Funk (’17) said, “the older generation views millennials as less hard-working individuals who feel that they are entitled to privileges without putting in the necessary work.” While young people push their freedoms as far as they can go, new boundaries aren’t always a bad thing.

Traditional thinking has its place, like a Victorian home, but sleek, modern lofts are also marketing at the same value. There is no right or wrong way to embrace a new way of culture, as change is never easy.

Millennials want to find work they are passionate in and believe in what they are doing. The young generation’s values have good intentions and have started to rub off on previous generations.

Combining the fresh and creative mindset of the future, while utilizing the knowledge of the past, can adapt our society into a gelling culture. “(The older generation) understand that the young generation is more tech-savvy and can do things that they cannot” said Funk.
Finding a purpose in the workplace and overall in life, is what Americans have been raised to do for centuries. Believing in your work and why you are doing what you are doing is just a different approach to the classic American culture. Millennials sometimes get a bad rap for being lazy and taking shortcuts, but everyone could benefit from using new philosophies and a modern approach to life.

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Brad Thompson is a Contributing Writer for the Chronicle/NCClinked.

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