Small ways to live minimally

Throw away everything you own. Move out of your regular-sized house and move into a pint-sized one instead. Glare at those who even dare own more than one car (bonus points if it’s not electric!). There you have it, welcome to minimalism… If you are viewing it through a very narrow scope.
If your ideas on minimalism are based around YouTuber’s like Jenny Mustard or Raw Alignment, you may want to roll your eyes at the very mention of such a lifestyle. After all, there’s two things millennials love: following trends and doing exactly the opposite as obnoxiously as you can (i.e. hating
everything). Coming across minimalism in this way can seem extremely intimidating, even borderline annoying.
But, there is more to this idea other than Tiny House Nation and owning only three articles of
clothing that you rotate throughout your week.
Here are three ways how to make minimalism more achievable and less draining in your everyday life:

1. Diet: It seems that diet and minimalism go hand-in-hand as of lately. Both veganism and vegetarian diets are becoming increasingly popular and the Internet has (of course) found a way to shame those who don’t share the same eating habits.

However, there are some ethical and environmental issues that go along with consuming animal products and we could all afford to cut out a little bit more. Start small by having a few meat-free meals a week and don’t feel so shameful if you have a couple chicken tenders now and then.
2. Downsizing living space: Don’t worry if you have no experience building an adorably modern 280-square feet home with your own bare hands. The issue with the size of living spaces is more about what millennials can actually afford.
With 40 percent of millennials still living at home with their parents, according to an analysis by Trulia, it’s no surprise that the idea of living in a tiny house is appealing.
Basically, living in smaller spaces can both reduce your energy costs and rent prices for the generation of us drowning in college debt.
3. Clothing: Fast fashion is huge right now with stores like Forever 21 and H&M making trendy clothes affordable, however, this is not a sustainable way to live. The best option for making your wardrobe more minimal
is by spending a little bit more on important, quality items that will last a long time. Just think of all the clothes you’ve bought that you no longer wear… basics are best, they never go out of style.

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