Artists of the week: Ellen Gburek and Reba Wermeling


Studio art is an up-and-coming program here at North Central. A number of students are currently majoring or minoring in different types of studio art and many more enjoy simply dabbling in the arts. On May 8, a new art exhibit called “Expression

On May 8, a new art exhibit called “Expression opened in both Meiley-Swallow lobby and the Oesterle library gallery. This collection will remain open until June 2, featuring senior artists. There are 10 senior artists being showcased: Teresa Bates, Angelica Elias-Magadan, Giovanna Diaz Fabiani, Ellen Gburek, Grace Goodwyn, Alyssa Hepker, Jenna Mormolstein, Nicole Rash, Etienne Wenk and Reba Wermeling. The collection is composed of different types of art, ranging from pottery to acrylic painting.

On Friday, May 19, the public was encouraged to meet with the artists during a gallery reception. The featured artists were around to answer questions about their art, themselves and their inspiration.

“My work focuses on the exploration of my own subconscious, identifying qualities I would like to change about myself and illuminating my true feelings about specific situations,” said artist Ellen Gburek. “I use different methods to create my work, including painting with a toothpick, my fingers, or even decorating my ceramic pieces by piping clay out of a cake decorating bag.”

She continued, “These methods allow me to explore how I physically respond to my subconscious, increase my self-awareness, and provide me with a positive outlet to express myself.”

Since art is interpreted differently by nearly every viewer, it’s not surprising that each artist finds inspiration in different sources.

“I find a lot of inspiration for my pieces through my psychology courses. It’s fascinating to me how interconnected psychology and art are, and how we can benefit from multi-disciplinary learning,” said Reba Wermeling. “Throughout my research I’ve learned about what types of objects humans are drawn to, and interactive components are a huge key. I try to create immersive and interactive experiences through my art that calls upon the viewers to project their own interpretations and think about themselves in a new way.”


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