Transfers often scramble to graduation


When it comes to transferring, scrambling to make sure you have all your credit hours can be a difficult feat. Especially when you want to ensure your set graduation date without coming back for an extra term. This will include a lot of communication and office drop-ins with your academic advisor. There may also be a round of frantic emails when you find out a class you need to graduate isn’t being offered during your last year at North Central.

Transferring in from a different college means a student may only have two years to fit every class they need into a two-year time slot. A lot of times, some classes are only offered once a year, or even once every two years. That puts a lot of stress on a transfer student because they must be on their game. Or the advisors must be.

Either way, it puts a lot of stress on the transfer student because it’s hard to know when classes are going to be offered.

May the odds be ever in your academic favor.

From personal experience, I have had to completely change my schedule around this year since I came here during the fall as a transfer student. Thankfully my advisor promptly alerted me on some journalism classes that would not be offered next year.

Although it was good that I found out, it is still stressful to have to rework an entire schedule for an entire year.

Reworking an entire schedule can be hard work.

Besides the stress of wondering if classes are even going to be offered, there is also the possibility that you are forced to take a full-load or even go overboard for a term or two. There isn’t much time for slacking off during any one term. Unless somehow you are superhuman and somehow managed to swing an abundance of credit hours from your previous community college.

For me, I had more credits than North Central could even take. However, here I sit with a full class load every term.

Who says senior year is the time to slack off?

The scramble to fit all your classes to graduate on time is basically the academic version of “The Hunger Games.” It can be scary and sometimes you feel like surrendering, but it all works out in the end. As I mentioned before, the key to success is to have close communications with your academic advisor. They will be the light at the end of the dark tunnel, crawling to graduation.

So fear not transfer students, graduating on time is possible. Somehow, I managed to fit in everything I needed for next school year in order to graduate next spring. With enough attention to the course catalog, there will be no extra terms.


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