Talking points: how three students use social media


Everyone uses social media differently. Some use it to promote their own brand, share photos from their crazy weekends or comment on different topics within the political and social spheres. For Steve Pulaski (’18), Tyler Mamrot (’18) and Jordan Patterson (’17), using social media is all about starting conversation. From movie reviews to a viral video discussing black culture, these guys know how to use their personal social media accounts to promote their various platforms.

The most used platform between the three? Facebook.

This platform allows for open conversation between Facebook friends through commenting, liking and sharing which then opens up the conversation to friends of friends. This is how Patterson’s video has gone viral and how Pulaski found jobs at Influx Magazine and XCritic. For Mamrot, it’s about sharing anything interesting and starting conversation with his friends on Facebook.

While all three guys have a more serious side to their social media, there’s also a fun and personal aspect to be found in their profile. Both Pulaski and Patterson use their social media, specifically Twitter and Instagram, to promote their music. On social media they’re able to tease their upcoming releases, give dates and share links to the music on SoundCloud, another social platform that’s mainly used by artists.

Everyone uses social media differently, but Pulaski, Mamrot and Patterson all know how to use it to their advantage. For those looking to beef up their social profiles for job opportunities, start controversy or gain fame, take notes from these North Central influencers.


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