CupcakKe: the new female rapper


Nineteen-year-old rapper CupcakKe made an impact on the music scene within a short year and a half. Known for her vulgar lyrics and songs, there is more to the rapper than what you see. While her most popular hits include songs titled “Deep Throat” and “Vagina,” CupcakKe has more tricks up her sleeve.

The rapper’s newest album, “Queen Elizabitch,” was released on March 31 of this year. Its lead single, “Cumshot,” lead many to believe that CupcakKe was a one trick pony. However, the album included many songs that strayed from the hyper-sexual messages people were expecting. The album tackles issues of poverty, acceptance, body image and even politics.

In the song “Biggie Smalls,” the lyrics reflect how fed up CupcakKe is with the images we are presented with in today’s society. “Instagram hoes shouldn’t be y’all goals / Look past the post / She photoshopped her rolls.” The opening line sets the whole song up as an anthem of accepting your body for the way it looks. “Small, medium, large, extra large, 4X / Size is just size / One ain’t better than the next.” It’s lyrics like these that show the diversity in CupcakKe’s music.

The album’s closing song is completely a cappella and talks about her struggles with growing up. From a young age, CupcakKe and her family had struggled. Her father left her mother and they spent four years in and out of homeless shelters. The song addresses how her mother would work hard just to feed them and how she was forced to grow up faster than she needed to. It’s easy to look past this song and not take CupcakKe seriously as a rapper, but even though she’s been through all this, she’s still giving back.

CupcakKe gained a lot of press recognition when she helped a gay teen who was kicked out of their home. The teen had tweeted saying they were kicked out and hopeless. CupcakKe tweeted them back offering to put them up in a hotel. The teenager turned it down saying he was staying with a friend, but CupcakKe assured him if he needed anything to let her know. Since this incident the rapper’s LGBT following has skyrocketed.       

In an interview with Out Magazine, CupcakKe talked about her relationship with the LGBT community. “If you like a gal, (and/or) guy, that’s on you, and have fun with it. That’s who you are, and there’s nothing wrong with that,” says the rapper. On her first album there is a song titled “LGBT” which CupcakKe says she wanted to write to let people know she stood with members of the community. She even shot the video in Chicago and invited members of the LGBT community along with some drag queens to be featured.

CupcakKe’s career is taking off. She just wrapped up a tour with support from K.I.D. and is constantly writing new music. She’s been featured on Charli XCX’s song “Lipgloss” and is even booked for her first festival later this summer. Cupcakke is definitely the newest cool girl and we’re sure we’ll see her featured on many more songs as well as releasing more of her original music.


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