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Many people have different ways to listen to music. There are many ways that music can get downloaded from softwares like FrostWire, LimeWire or even apps that can be accessed within a phone. There are also variety of options a person can choose to download their music, and honestly, no one wants to pay for music. There are apps that are radio-based, such Pandora, iHeart Radio and Spotify, but these come with ads and commercials that can disrupt your listening experience. If you’re looking to get interruption-free music, students can get discounts on plenty of music services.

Carrier Student price Individual price Family price Trials
Apple Music


$4.99 $9.99 $14.99 3-month free trial
TIDAL $4.99 $9.99 (Premium) $19.99 (HiFi) 3-month free trial
Spotify $4.99 $9.99 $14.99 No trial
Amazon Prime N/A $7.99/ month or $79/yr

Non-prime member $9.99

Echo Plan (basic) $3.99

$9.99/month or $149/yr

Non-prime member $14.99

30-day free trial
Google Play Music N/A $9.99 $14.99, up to six people 30-day free trial


iTunes is  the only music carrier that you need to buy the song individually, which costs $1.29 or 69 cents, if you get lucky. A whole album on iTunes can vary from $7.99-$17.99. The price of the album depends on how many tracks that album may have. But with Apple Music, you’re able to download unlimited songs and albums that will remain on your phone even if you cancel your subscription.

When free trials are given, we take advantage, especially for TIDAL. TIDAL has been carrying Beyoncé’s recent album “Lemonade,” which she only signed with them initially. A lot of those who never heard of TIDAL needed to download and pay for it if they wanted to hear Queen B.

For some, the price of subscription services is worth it, but for others, free music is their only option. With plenty of sites to download music from and others that can convert YouTube videos to MP3s, it’s likely that people will continue to find their music through alternative methods rather than paying for it.



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