Chicago White Sox: patience is key with Moncada


Throughout the course of a rebuilding season, the Chicago White Sox have experienced many highs and lows. The low moments for the organization, as with any team during a rebuild, revolve around injuries and lack of progress in the development of key young players.

But perhaps the most significant moment for the current major league roster came on July 19, when the organization’s top prospect made his debut for the White Sox at second base — Yoan Moncada. Finally, after what seemed like a lifetime of disappointment, Sox fans had something to be excited about.

And on his debut with the White Sox, the fans showed their excitement by giving him a standing ovation after receiving a walk. But eventually, the excitement dwindled down as the organization placed the second baseman on the 10-day disabled list, due to shin splints.

But even before his nagging injury forced him to miss time, he had been struggling mightily. Prior to his stint on the disabled list, Moncada had a batting average of .188, while accumulating only three home runs and 11 RBIs. The fairytale promotion had not been going the way fans had hoped. Many fans even began referring to the young 22-year-old as a bust.

But, much like the process of a rebuild, fans need to be patient when it comes to the development of young players. We’ve seen flashes of what Moncada can do, and when they appear, they’re brilliant. After his return from the disabled list, it appears that he is starting to look more comfortable in his development.

Since returning from the disabled list, Moncada’s average has climbed to .227, while his home run total for the season has increased to six, and his RBI total to 18.

With so much potential in the young second baseman, it would be foolish to abandon the ship now and give up. He has potential to be a star in the MLB, but, until then, fans need to be patient.


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