Study abroad brings new students and programs for 2017


With another new school year comes a fresh crop of study abroad students. This year not only comes with new and returning students, but three new programs as well.

“We have 110 students studying abroad this academic year,” said study abroad advisor, Whitney Ewing. While most study abroad during the fall, the Center for Global Education also has students going during the winter/spring terms, winter only or spring only.

This year, they have 33 programs in 18 countries, including three new programs in New Zealand, Grenada, Spain, and Lille, France. “Usually it takes time to garner interest in new programs, but we have five people in Grenada, three in New Zealand and one in Lille,” said Ewing. Students are also studying in traditional places like England and Sweden, but some have chosen non-traditional locals like South Korea and Jordan as well.

If you can’t wait to start planning your own trip abroad, the annual study abroad fair will happen next month. There, students can get more information on the different programs the Center for Global Education offers and talk with students who have just returned from their own experience abroad.


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