Raise a brow to new eyebrow trends


Years ago, eyebrows were a plain and simple accessory on our faces. Now, they have become what is seen as a unique fashion trend.

In today’s climate, people tend to fill in their eyebrows in various ways. From unicorn to glitter-themed eyebrows, the opportunities are endless.

Before the 21st century, eyebrows were normally not even filled in. In my experience with my own eyebrows, these trends tend to make me shiver with disgust. I would shave off, pluck and fill in my eyebrows in all the wrong ways possible just to find something within my comfort zone for the perfect eyebrow shape. I am not saying that they are perfect to this day (or will ever be), but looking back, I thought my multiple trial and errors were completely taboo.

If drawing and shaping your eyebrows into various cartoon shapes is the norm, then I am concerned for what is considered taboo now. Is it shaving off your eyebrows still? Is it sketching out profanity? People seem to use these eyebrow trends as a form of self-expression. Males and females alike can be seen coloring in their brows with rainbow-colored eyeliner for Pride events. Some show their enthusiasm for their favorite binge-worthy shows, like Game of Thrones. Few of the many eyebrow trends that have caught the attention of millennials include the squiggly eyebrows, braided eyebrows and rainbow brows.

So why has eyebrow artwork become such a huge thing?

High-quality makeup may have something to do with this. LVMH’s stocks have skyrocketed since 2013 because of all of the designer products and color palettes that seem to work for everyone. Makeup artists like Kat Von D, Jeffree Star, Kylie Jenner and Rihanna waste no time with their unique appearances and seem to come together perfectly to inspire millennials. What may have been just these facial makeup products, like contour kits, highlighters and liquid eyeliner, have now worked their way up the face.

Without accentuated eyebrows in this generation, we are looked at as “washed out” or “boring.” The perfect eyebrow shape became a societal norm after 2010, so it may also be a way for people to go against the societal norm and branch out to express themselves for what they believe in through cosmetic art. Are these eyebrow trends “not just a phase, Mom,” or will they slowly be replaced by another edgy trend?


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