Fall fashion finds on NCC’s campus


Fall is in the air. When you think of fall, you probably think of layers, pumpkin spice, boots, scarves and many other fashionable accessories to get you through until December strikes. Fall fashion is a time for different styles to come out and shine. You can get dressy with some boots and a printed scarf, or you can show off your favorite colors through multiple layers or sweaters.

We bring you some of the most popular looks from students across campus for your fall fashion inspirations. Take a look to see what some students are wearing this season.

Layers and Color Coordination with Khahari and Michaël

Photos by Gianna Scheuneman

It is always a must to express your interests in the midst of fall fashion.  As pictured, a Jimi Hendrix tank top paired with a bold cardigan is the way to go, especially for an Indian Summer. Khahari Cook, ’18, who is a vocal performance major, manages to color coordinate perfectly with dark denim-wash skinny jeans and a pair of his signature black boots. Jimi Hendrix is also one of his favorite rock artists, so it was imperative for him to include this in his fall fashion.

Like Cook, Michaël Hudetz, ’18, goes for the signature black boots to complete his rather colorful combination. He aims for a small accessory, like his watch, to complete the fall outfit, while also using it as a necessity for an extremely crazy term at North Central. He also succeeds at combining two patterns: plaid and large stripes, as one to color coordinate. While the weather at North Central may not exactly be chilly yet, Hudetz always has a way to add some light to his fall fashion, whether he is running to class or cheering on his fellow Cardinals at a sporting event.

Doing Day and Night with Rudy

Whether it is a study date on the quad with some friends or a day strolling around town, leave it to Rudy Ruiz, ’19, to complete your fall fashion go-to’s with the proper accessories. Ruiz articulates fall with day and night style. Above, he can be seen pairing up his favorite fall accessory, his Galaxy cap, alongside his signature Urban Outfitters black boots on top of some denim. Ruiz adapts to a cool, but comfy look by day and an edgier look by night and successfully

Ruiz adapts to a cool, but comfy look by day and an edgier look by night and successfully manages a black multicolored scarf with a suitable leather jacket. He spends most of his time out of class wandering through Naperville looking for a new place to grab a pumpkin spice latte or a place to unwind and see a local concert.

Playin’ Professional and Preppy with Jess

Along with the new seasons, there also comes the chance for a new ‘do. Here, Jess Murphy, ’18, sports her recent chop and dye to fit the fall fashion weather with grace. Along with her rich new locks, Murphy is also not afraid to mix and match colors. Here, she flaunts a yellow swing dress with a perfectly patterned scarf and knee-high boots. With all that Murphy is involved in on and off campus, her look allows her to look professional, while also having fun.

Sam’s Solutions for a Frummer Bummer

Yes, weather in Illinois has been abnormally hot. With all of the natural disasters pushing that tropical weather and moisture upwards, we may face an Indian Summer for a longer period of time than expected. Does this mean having a knit sweater and layers is still the only way to go for ideal fall fashion, whether you fry or not? Absolutely not.

On the contrary, who says fall fashion has to be strictly scarves and sweaters? Fall may range from the 50s to the 80s at this point. Here, Sam Ring, ’18, plays up a flowy white button-down dress with your usual fall suspect: the cardigan. Ring successfully puts fall and summer together with this sweet look, considering temperatures have been soaring in the Midwest for the past month. Ring also completes the “frummer” look with some simple jewelry, like a small ring and necklace, alongside a pair of tan ankle booties, which allows her to stay sweet and simple with this creamy colored look.


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