Mic Drop: Maya ‘Clover’ Rothman


Welcome back, everyone, to another exciting episode of Mic Drop. Tonight on your favorite NCC student showcase (hopefully) we feature spoken-word poetry from Maya “Clover” Rothman. While she’s not writing, Rothman studies philosophy and serves as a part of North Central’s literary journal, 30 N.

Before you catch her on the show tonight at 7:30, sit back and enjoy a quick interview with Rothman.

Peter Medlin: How long have you been writing poetry and when did you first realize that you might have a knack for it?

Maya Rothman: I’ve been writing poetry since I was very young, about third grade. I had a feeling that I was good at it in about fifth grade when I got a couple of awards for a poem I wrote about how much I love being biracial.

PM: Who are your main writing inspirations and how do they help mold your work?

MR: My biggest writing inspiration is my namesake, Maya Angelou. My parents named me after her because of the power she held in her voice, so I try to emulate that every day. I’m also a big Nicki Giovani fan. I love the way her work flows.

PM: What are the main themes that pervade your poetry?

MR: I’d say I mostly write about the pain and struggles I go through in life. For example, I recently developed extreme back pain, and just found out that because there is no “serious” problem with my back, I can only manage my pain for the time being. So I know I’ll be writing about that soon.

PM: What about poetry connects with you as a writer and artist?

MR: I feel like poetry allows me and anyone really to explore the deepest parts of our beings while allowing there to be very little judgment on the part of the person writing it. What I guess I mean is that I can write anything I want without feeling like I’m crazy. That’s very comforting to me.

Tune into Mic Drop tonight at 7:30 on The Chronicle/NCClinked Facebook page for more from Maya Rothman.


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