National Taco Day: taco dogs and … hot dogs?


This year, National Taco Day fell on Wednesday, Oct. 4. Surprisingly, several North Central College students couldn’t recall a favorite taco, think of a favorite taco shop, or share a secret taco recipe. A handful of NCC students could, however, think of funny taco-centric stories to share.

Kyle Lo Vecchio

“The best taco I ever had was from one my best friend’s mom who is authentically, completely Mexican. … She makes it with love, she puts her family’s spin on it and you can tell she has a passion for food. Best taco I ever had. I can’t tell you what was in it but… just, a work of art with as many meats as possible. It was fantastic.”

Kyle Lo Vecchio, 2019

Lisean “Ling Ling” McElrath

“When I was in high school – my show choir – we’d have like these long rehearsals over the weekend and for one them, one of our friends that was in the show choir had a father that worked and owned a Mexican restaurant downtown. So he catered our rehearsal and he had these giant pans of like the different meats; the toppings like the lettuce, the tomato and everything, the cilantro; and the shells and tortillas. So we actually had a taco eating contest… I won by consuming 24 tacos in thirty minutes – so that is my cool taco story.”

Lisean “Ling Ling” McElrath, 2021

Destany Hahn

“So my grandma, about a year ago, decided that it would be a great idea to use her sewing skills to make an entire taco costume for her 5-pound Chihuahua from scratch. She spent over $80… and three months making it. This was in July – just to have one – you know, she thought that was a great way to spend her retirement.”

Destany Hahn, 2021

Peter Medlin

“OK, so there’s this restaurant in Yorkville, Illinois – briefly open – it was called Tacos, Tacos, Tacos – not around for very long. I went there one time because they promised tacos, why would I not go? And I swear to God: they were out of chicken tacos, I had to get a hot dog – a mediocre hot dog – at Tacos, Tacos, Tacos.”

Peter Medlin, 2018

Taco Dog photo by Janice Ransom; student photos by Jason Snider


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