Dissecting the TV medical drama epidemic


The doctor is (back) in. The doctors of “Grey’s Anatomy,” that is. Meredith Grey, Alex Karev, Miranda Bailey and many others will be returning for the show’s 14th season.

If you have been keeping up with “Grey’s Anatomysince it first aired in 2005, then you will be very excited to hear the news that yet another season is being made. With this upcoming season, there will come love-triangles, returning members and, of course, lots of drama.

To prepare for the new season, make sure to check out some season 13 highlights on ABC.go.com.

So what’s the deal with medical dramas anyway? They show gross, gory surgeries that, in real life, most people wouldn’t even consider watching. Yet for some reason, watching it on TV really gets people hooked. Now it’s probably not the actual medical work that entices people, but rather all the drama that takes place in the cast members’ lives. Especially at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, you never know what life-changing event will be right around the corner.

Medical shows always have patients that people can really relate to, which is probably another reason why so many are drawn to this genre. The patients suffer from real-life events. This tends to make people feel as though something similar could happen to them, and they feel the patients pain.

Other medical dramas, such as “House,” “Scrubs” and “ER” are also very popular. “House” focuses mostly on the character, Dr. House. He is anti-social and doesn’t seem to be a very happy person, but he sure is great at solving medical puzzles. “Scrubs” definitely has more humor to it, which can be a nice break from the other intense medical shows. This show follows J.D. as he works his way up the ladder alongside his peers at Sacred Heart Hospital. “ER” actually began in 1994 and ended its 15th season in 2009. According to NBC, it is “the most Emmy-nominated series in the history of television with 124 nominations.”  The doctors, nurses and trainees in County General Hospital are constantly on the move as they deal with the hectic problems that arise in the ER.

If you haven’t watched a medical drama yet, it is about time you start one. Then you, too, will feel as though you could perform a complicated surgery much like the one you just watched your favorite characters do.


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