Under the radar albums to watch out for


Going against the mainstream and under the radar is all the rage right now. Underground indie artists are rising in popularity, and Vision has you covered. Here are four of our favorite albums you may not have heard of.

“american dream” by LCD Soundsystem

Seven years after the release of what was thought to be the last LCD album, fans got a taste of what James Murphy and his bandmates had been working on after breaking up in 2011. With the two singles, “call the police” and the title track “american dream,” it was almost as though nothing had changed post-breakup. The high energy dance party vibe of “call the police” and “tonite” contrasts with the slow, depressing sonic waltz of “american dream.” Combining electronic and post-punk makes for an eclectic album that anyone should give a listen to.

“Sleep Well Beast” by The National

Just by looking at the album artwork, you get a good sense of what “Sleep Well Beast” is all about. Dark and gloomy instrumentation coupled with lead singer Matt Berninger will get anyone in the mood for late autumn nights. However, it is not a completely sullen album all the way through, like the track “Guilty Party” which combines a melancholy piano with a rapid drumbeat giving the track a vibrant heartbeat.

“Phases” by Angel Olsen

It seems apparent that musicians are prone to do a pop or pop-like album at some point in their career. Although “My Woman” was not a complete change for indie singer Angel Olsen, you could pick up an edgy, alternative sound. This is clear in songs like “Shut Up Kiss Me,” where she dons a silver wig in the music video. A year later, she returns with her stripped back acoustic sound on an album of B-sides titled “Phases,” available in November. The two singles, “Fly on Your Wall” and “Special,” are both dreamy, indie rock at it’s finest.

“Lotta Sea Lice” by Courtney Barnett and Kurt Vile

What can be considered the indie dream team of Courtney Barnett and Kurt Vile is finally releasing their first collaborative album on October 13. Their first single, “Over Everything,” is a laid-back track with a twangy blues sound about loneliness with music as their only company. If the music video in the form of a home movie for “Continental Breakfast” doesn’t put you in a good mood, nothing will. This nostalgic single focuses on the simple things in life, such as spending time with family and loved ones, while maintaining a simple acoustic sound with vocals from both Barnett and Vile. This is each of their first albums in two years, and it has been well worth the wait.


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