New in the ‘Ville: SixtyFour – a wine bar


Opened by Amy and Loren Beadle, owners of Southern Tide, SixtyFour puts a new twist on a night out. Dispensed at self-serve “wine islands,” SixtyFour boasts 64 different wines by the glass at any given time. The wine cork inspired menu contains even more wine, 64 local beers and a wide array of snacks and entrées.

SixtyFour as seen from the south side of Water Street. | Photo by Tom Miller

While dining (or simply wining) in, your server will take a card to keep on file and provide you with a smart card. Your new smart card allows you to choose between a 1-ounce taster, a 2.5-ounce half pour or a 5-ounce full pour at any of the fully automated wine islands. The balance racked up on your smart card depends on both the pour you choose and the wine itself. There are certainly extremes on either end, but tasters seem to range from $2 to $4 while full pours seem to average between $8 and $12.

SixtyFour’s back patio as seen from the north side of the Riverwalk. | Photo by Tom Miller

For those looking to be waited on hand-and-foot while dining out, the idea of self-service may be a bit off-putting. Large groups of wine lovers, or just those with an interest in extremely well-priced local beer, may find both the location and new twist on service refreshing.

Arts editor Madeline also tagged along to taste what SixtyFour had to offer, ranging from the 2017 Scarlett to the 2016 Loveblock Sauvignon, each wine had its own unique blend.

The 2016 Loveblock Sauvignon, while not my favorite, would be perfect for white wine lovers. It’s a dry wine. Also falling under the white wine category is the 2015 Jean-Marc Brocard Chard, which has a lighter taste than the Loveblock. There are hints of citrus that eliminate any bitter taste.

As for red wine lovers, the 2015 Petit Pissarres was a bit strong. However, it provided a flowery aftertaste. Another red wine, which was my favorite of the night, was the 2017 Scarlett. This red wine is perfect for coffee and wine lovers alike as the wine has an intense aroma of espresso. Just picture coffee and wine mixed together, except not as unappetizing as it sounds.

SixtyFour is located at 123 Water St. across from Hotel Indigo.


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