Top topics from the Week 4 SGA meeting


What even happens at SGA meetings? No idea? Well, lucky for you, we here at The Chronicle have got you covered. We came and collected the top three things you need to know from week four’s student government meeting.

  1. Further research on the prospect of a downtown meal plan for North Central continues. SGA is currently reaching out to both Naperville and North Central officials for more information on the logistics of such a program.
  2. SGA is looking into potential class gift ideas for the graduating class of 2018. Suggestions under consideration so far include a new patio seating area in front of New Hall.
  3. Thirsty? The Res Hall Association is inquiring about getting new water bottle filling stations for Patterson. They are also considering if more furniture is needed in the residence hall.

For further details, the meeting’s full agenda is available on the Student Government Association page on Blackboard. If you’d like to participate in SGA and make your voice heard, the meetings are held every Thursday from noon to 1 p.m. in room 132 of the School of Business and Entrepreneurship.


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