Sweetest Day set aside to spread the love


Valentine’s Day isn’t the only holiday that revolves around hearts, candy and flowers. National Sweetest Day is also about spreading the love, and it takes place on Oct. 21.

Originally called Candy Day, National Sweetest Day was started in 1916 by Herbert Birch Kingston. Back then, the purpose of this day was to hit up all the confectionary shops so you could find the best treats to bring home. Now, the holiday revolves more around getting sweets for those who are special to you. The point of the holiday is to show that doing small gestures can go a long way to show those close to you that you love them.

In 1921, this holiday became more than just a way to give to your loved ones. With the help of donations from several confection companies, Red Cross was able to give out thousands of candy bags to those who needed some happiness. Hospitals, shelters and orphanages in Michigan were able to receive joy from this wonderful gift. The whole point of this was to ensure that those living in these places knew they were not forgotten.

If you don’t have a sweetheart to share this holiday with, you can still share some treats with friends or family. Everyone deserves to get candy from someone they care about whether they are in a relationship or not. So, bring a smile to someone’s face and give them a sweet, tasty and sugary gift.

Being celebrated on the third Saturday of every October, you get the luxury of receiving candy from both Halloween and Sweetest Day. So enjoy your sweets this month, but don’t forget to share the goodies with your sweetheart and friends, too.



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