The power of the cape: The craze behind superhero shows


The craze behind superhero shows has taken root on TV networks.

As of late, it seems like every show on the air is a superhero show, most notably, The CW TV Network and Netflix seem to have an influx of cape-clad characters. From “Arrow,” “Daredevil” and upcoming releases like “Black Lightning,” the TV industry is crawling with superheroes. So why is it such a huge phenomenon?

The demand of these shows mainly has to do with TV consumers. People love to indulge in a man or woman sporting a cape, bow and arrows or insane fighting skills. It’s an entertainment factor. Heroic Hollywood says that “DC and Marvel stuff, are either deeply rooted (longtime fans) or quickly spreading (new fans discovering these fictional playgrounds, partly because of these TV series and films).”

The appeal stems from past interests, especially the movies from DC and Marvel. It’s also refreshing to not just seen men superheroes, but the influx of women superheroes like Kara Danvers from “Supergirl” or Jessica Jones from Netflix’s “Jessica Jones.” Young girls now have a TV heroine to look up. It shows that women can kick butt while also living a normal life.

Perhaps viewers can relate to our heroes and heroines, too. They have faults just like the rest of us. The only difference is they are saving the world with their powers. Take “The Flash’s” Barry Allen as an example. He’s a relatable character because he too has insecurities and flaws. He’s also not overly confident and more humble about his ability, unlike heroes like “Arrow’s” Oliver Queen. Barry Allen too has relationship problems like the rest of us. TV show creators and writers strive to create heroes as people who viewers can admire.

“Supergirl,” for example, is the first female-centered, live-action superhero show in 40 years, reported by MTV. The main character, Kara Danvers, is not only good at saving the world, but she also is an intelligent individual. Also, did I mention she’s a reporter? So that makes her pretty inspiring as a whole.

According to Movie Pilot, superhero shows are better at illustrating spectacular special effects. There are some fantasy shows on the air that you can’t help but cringe at. Maybe it depends on the network’s budgeting of the show. However, from what I have personally watched, shows like “Gotham” have special effects that almost look believable. The same goes for “The Flash.”

Whether superhero shows are your thing or not, you can’t deny the power they hold over the entertainment industry. Their successes are especially apparent at comic cons where people dress as their favorite superheroes. Superhero shows have become a trend that keeps growing as more shows are produced.


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