Artist of the week: Kaylie Rosenkranz


The artist of the week is Kaylie Rosenkranz ’19. She is a music education major with a choral emphasis. While she isn’t playing the piano, she’s singing with the Chamber Singers and the Naperville Chorus. Rosenkranz also serves as the president of Catholic Cardinals and is on the board for the Women’s Chorale at North Central.

Madeline Klepec: When did you start playing the piano and why?
Kaylie Rosenkranz: I started taking group piano in first grade and then private piano lessons in fourth grade. I started piano because my mom enrolled me in lessons, and I could never argue against my mom, but then I started to appreciate music. I liked knowing that all my practice resulted in a beautiful product. Now, after 13 years of piano lessons, I couldn’t see my life without piano and music in general.
MK: Is there a specific kind of music you prefer to play and why?
KR: My favorite composer is Debussy. I love romantic and impressionistic music because I can really put emotion into my playing. I’m not limited to a specific tempo and certain style of playing. When I play this music, I feel free. I can do anything. I put my heart and soul into the music I play.
MK: Have you ever written your own music? If not, do you intend to?
KR: I have never written my own music. The lessons I grew up taking were classical. That meant that I learned how to read notes on a page and then play them. I admire those that can improve and play chords because that requires a certain type of creativity and confidence. I have yet to reach that level. If I do, I will consider composing.
MK: Do you have any advice to fellow musicians?
KR: Never give up. It’s hard to find the time to practice, but know that it’s all worth it. We all are busy and have stressors in our life, but music can be our outlet. Think of music as being that shoulder to cry on, not a burden. Musicians are a community. We will always support fellow musicians in making their dreams come true.

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