WONC heats up with their November currents


November is the month for giving thanks, and here at Vision, we are thankful that WONC FM 89.1 has brought in six new monthly currents. From indie pop to funk rock, from punk rock to alternative pop, there is a current for everyone to be thankful for this month.

“Hit Me With the Lights Out” by Dylan Gardner
Born in Aurora, Illinois, singer-songwriter Dylan Gardner is now signed with Warner Bros. Records. Following three singles from 2016, Gardner released “Hit Me With the Lights Out” in September 2017. Featured on Local Chaos, a specialty show that highlights Chicago artists, this track will hook you in with a catchy beat and lyrics about love that will make you want to sing and dance along.

“The Scheme” by Primus
Since their start in 1984, funk rock band Primus has released nine albums and cycled through 10 members. Somewhat of a cult classic, it is common to hear fans chant “Primus sucks!” as well as to find some quirky undertones in their work. The band’s ninth album, “The Desaturating Seven,” is based on a 1978 children’s book, “The Rainbow Goblins.” Experimental singles like “The Scheme” play a part in telling this trippy tale.

“Lifeboat” by New Politics
“Lost in Translation,” the fourth studio album by Danish rock band New Politics, was written largely while the band was on tour. It is focused on their lives after all the touring and the success, and how they must reinvent themselves over time. The final single, “Lifeboat,” hones in on the idea of sinking and needing to be saved. The track is a catchy, in-your-face alternative pop song.

“Liftoff” by Goldfinger
Punk rock band Goldfinger is often credited with contributing to the third-wave ska movement, and those influences have stayed with the band since their formation in 1994. The band’s seventh studio album “The Knife” is their first release after nine years, complete with an upgraded line-up. Now a supergroup, tracks like “Liftoff” feature the likes of Philip Sneed, Mike Herrera and Travis Barker.

“Alive” by ROAM
British pop-punk band ROAM released their second studio album “Great Heights & Nosedives.” Rising to popularity during the resurgence of pop punk in the 2010s, the band has made a name for themselves on the scene since their formation in 2012. If the genre isn’t nostalgic enough, you can check out the second single, “Alive,” to reminisce on the days of posting “Defend Pop Punk!” on Tumblr.

“Million Bucks” by Smallpools
If Smallpools sounds familiar, you may remember them from their 2013 hit song “Dreaming.” Back in August, the indie pop band released “THE SCIENCE OF LETTING GO,” their first full-length project since 2015’s “LOVETAP!” The first single, “Million Bucks” is an infectious pop song that is sure to make waves at a pure rock station.

Tune into FM 89.1 all month to hear the currents, any day of the week, at any hour of the day.


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