Artist of the week: Khahari Cook

Our artist of the week is Khahari Cook ’18, a music performance major. Cook has been pursuing music since high school and credits music as his saving grace.
Gianna Scheuneman: What is your major/minor and what inspired you to pursue your studies with the North Central music program?
Khahari Cook: I am a music performance major. Since high school, I always wanted to be involved in music. Music saved my life, so it was beautifully necessary for me to keep pursuing it and saving other people’s lives along the way.
GS: How long have you been singing?
KC: I would say my whole life, but I didn’t know I could actually sing until sophomore year of high school when I joined a beginner guy’s choir.
GS:  What is your favorite musical performance class you have taken/are taking at North Central?
KC: That would have to be my voice lessons. (If that counts) I love exploring my solo repertoire with my voice teacher and seeing what I can do to bring my pieces to life through my voice. Music history was pretty cool, too, though if voice lessons don’t count!
GS: As a senior, what is some advice you can give to any young music performance major/minor/etc. at North Central?
KC: Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, and don’t be afraid of being afraid or nervous as a performer. As a performer, these emotions help us grow and blossom to what we strive for as musicians, so embrace your nervousness and slay that music!

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