NCC women’s golf: a foundation of support


For anyone who attends North Central College, it’s no secret that the academic standards are incredibly high. The college, itself, stresses the importance of students becoming well-rounded individuals who are eager to establish themselves, both academically and professionally.

Athletes face a unique challenge where they are expected to perform well both academically and athletically. That can certainly be challenging for some student-athletes, no doubt. But the key to performing well in both the classroom and on the field is support. The importance of support from teammates, family members, and coaches cannot be overstated.

The NCC women’s golf team, through the leadership and support of their head coach, Steve Sellers, and their graduate assistant coach, Megan Kelly, is a well-run team with an emphasis on exceptional performance in the classroom. And the support given by its members and coaches truly exemplifies the meaning of a team.

For the coaches, there is no greater reward for coaching than seeing the hard work pay off for their players. “The most rewarding aspect of coaching is working with kids so aspirational, so willing to put in the work,” said Sellers. Hard work, in every aspect of the word, provides the best avenue for success.

“For me, it’s rewarding to see the hard work pay off and getting to see that out on the course during a tournament,” said Kelly.

A big part of coaching is recruitment. For the women’s golf team, there are several qualifications they look for throughout this process, and it all ties back to academics. “First thing I’ll look at is grades. That’s really important. North Central is very tough academically,” said Sellers.

But much like golf, there are certain characteristics they look for in their athletes, one of which is the ability and desire to compete. “I look for the willingness to compete. Many people don’t know how competitive NCC is,” said Kelly.

Needless to say, when you attend North Central College as an athlete, you will face challenges. And how you confront those challenges says a lot. As Sellers said, “Take advantage of every opportunity for help that’s offered.”


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